INGEM Methodology -- Inspire for Mankind Greatness, is the top methodology course provider in Malaysia.

Via ILMCI -we provide various Professional Certificate courses, Professional Diploma and Professional Degree courses to Reskill and Upskill students/talents with various skill-based training, upgrade professionalism, and hence the employability to combat with market real scenarios.

The professional courses open up the possibility of:

If you want to grab this opportunities in a high inflation environment,
Earning a steady stream of monthly income.
Having more flexibility to work and to spend time with family, friends and go on holiday.
Tie-ups with COACHES backboned with successful achievement in business milestones.
Learning include work psychology, decision making and judgmental ability. Unleash inner potential collaboratively hands-in hands with COACHES.
Develop Talents in accordance to inner strengths, not exam or academic driven.
100% Employment. Collaborative amalgamation with Corporates/SMEs for the placement of practical internship.

Classes are available via physical classes and through online e-learning.

We have an excellent track record of producing the top scorers in Malaysia for the past 12 consecutive years.
All our courses are conducted by experienced lecturers and practitioners.
We pride ourselves in providing quality courses so that our students not only excel academically but professionally as well.


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