Driven by our motto “Growing Young Minds is Our Passion”, BRAINGEM is a children brain development program, developed based on our philosophy of integrating the qualities of heart with the POWER OF LOVE.

Mission Of GEMClub

To ingrain, develop and support children’s innate abilities and potential through a child-centred, emergent, multi-intelligence explorative, collaborative & integrating teaching and learning environment inspired by nature and driven by children and families.

Germinate the seeds to be inspirational leaders, we transform children to be confident in life, well - Balanced Social Psychologically.

Core emphasis on empowerment of children where children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and interact with friends and peers independently. This lays the foundation for developing passions, critical thinking, compassion, and orientation towards wisdom for timely action.
Application of INGEM Methodology via: Revolutionary; Transformative; Non conformist & cultivate Self Discovery.

Our Ultimate Legacy :
Cultivate the life long learning and be a succesful stage for all in GLOBAL YOUTH TALENT PLATFORM



GEM’s ingenious technique harmoniously blends revolutionized conventional based approach with your child’s hidden human potentials, hence creates a well-balanced equilibrium between children’s mind and soul in learning.
If your child is / If you are...
Age: 1 - 10 years old
- Quick Responsiveness
- High Speed Memory
- Sensorial and Linguistic Development
- Improving Concentration
- Visual and Spatial Ability
- Image Power/Visualisation
- Self Observation
- Intuition Development

Our Art Inspiring Coaching Programme for Kids adn Youth focuses on creating presentations and programmes that reach out to kids & Youth and underserved segments through art classes, exhibitions, picture books (author and illustrator), in a pragmatic entrepreneurship coaching phases- creating path towards Art Entrepreneur Roadmap
If your child is / If you are...
Age: 4 - 18 years old
- Enhancing Creativity and Imaginative Ability
- Self Discovery and Exploration
- Creating Curiosity & Diversity in World Discovery
- Sharpening Observation and Reflection
- Sensorial , Finger Dexterity & Cognitive Development
- Boosting Self Confidence
- Strengthening Emotional and Psychological Well-being
- High Level Thinking and Problem Solving Ability
- Enhancing Communication Skills

Deliver globally recognised programme transform education inside and outside the classroom. Learner-centred with learner-based outcomes, Cultivate the Eco‐Green Education philosophy and Initiatives in schools & communities ‐ Systematically, for social economical benefits.

Take place in a natural wooded environment
If your child is / If you are...
Age: 4 - 18 years old
- Sharing, Debate, Discussion, Hand-On, Reflection, Research and Testing is the key element for each activity.
- Solving real-world issues, building self-belief and resilience.
- To become, healthy, resilient, creative and independent learners.
- Encourage risk-awareness, rather than risk-averse
- Cultivate compassionate and steward of earth lovers


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