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Aspire to be the global mission-driven research learning methodology in inspiring learners the deep connection to the world for transformative sustainable value

Inspire all learners , a deep and meaningfull connection and association of the world with compassion and benovalence, economical-social-psychologically well-balanced in the nature, aspired to be the World Inspirational Leaders

Research of transformative learning methodology to create leaders and innovators, encourage paradigm shift in creating new knowledge for creative society and industry, for humanity and world peace

Vision Of INGEM Methodology

Create an Inspirational, International accredited curriculum in a pragmatic approach in human intelligence as an integral part of humanity and long term holistic growth as the Inspirational Leaders in the multicultural, interconnected world of the 21st century.”

Mission Of INGEM Methodology

Reform to Transform the World Of Tomorrow, in Supporting Education Reformation Of 21st Century Inspirational Leadership Charisma, unleashing inner hidden potential with dominant drive from toddlers to Youth Human Capital Development.


IN-ternationalism | IN-spirational | IN-heritance
Unleash the hidden inner potential

INGEM Methodology

We emphasise:

A Lean Learning Ecosystem, integration through strong association of interconnected systems and internationalized learning among our stakeholders (children, coaches, parent and community) of the World for humanity and world peace.

To ingrain, develop and support learner’s innate abilities and potential through a Learner-centred with learner-based outcomes,emergent, multi-intelligence explorative, collaborative & integrating teaching and learning environment inspired by nature and driven by children and families.

Our INGEM brand structure

Previous collaborative Partners

Previous Collaborative Partners

About Our Founder

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founder& Researcher of INGEM Methodology
  • Founder of International Learning Methodology Certification Institute (ILMCI)
  • Educator Coach/Trainer/ Corporate Business Advisor

Truly uphold the philosophy that “Everyone is borned Genius” NURTURE & TRANSFORM all human potential in the World to become INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS for humanity and WORLD PEACE is the drive for self excellence.

Our Founder - Chow Pick Wei
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